INTENTION I'd like to welcome you to a beautifully transformative place to retreat, renew, and reconnect with nature. I have spent 30 years, living, loving and learning how to live harmoniously with the natural cycles of Mother Earth. This is not a business, but rather a home to me and my friends. My intention is to make this sacred space available to you on your journey. DONATION: The Act of Giving Giving freely to you and sharing the land with everyone who visits, brings me great joy. If after your time at Boulder Gardens you have enjoyed your experience and feel you have received something of benefit, I ask that you give generously so that we may continue to share this with others. Please be mindful that our teachers give freely of their time and are only compensated by your donations. Camp for a day, the weekend, or all week. Bring all camping gear and food, we have fresh spring water for you. There is a sauna, cool pool, meditation garden and fire pit. - Garth